Can gambling make you rich?

Source: The Leader Newspaper

It seems as though everyone is constantly looking for an inside trick or a way to take a shortcut to wealth, riches, or gains from gambling. This is why so many people are wasting money on gurus and machine sales goods that offer riches and prosperity with little to no effort.

Let me be right up front transparent. Many people can’t get rich from gambling, and won’t. Casinos are piling out chances against you. Yet some men hit the odds

It is important to point out first of all that there is nothing wrong with playing at casinos. So long as you have the resources to spare, and you have the ability to control yourself in order not to lose too much, nothing will deter you.

 You can spend your hard earned money however you prefer. Only be sure you ‘re not wasting your money deliberately. At least attempt gambling with a degree of caution and not to depend entirely on luck itself.

For instance before deciding on any popular online casino in malaysia, you can research thoroughly on the website reviews. It will help you find decent casinos with their intricate schemes that won’t cheat you. It also offers tips on how to win and a guide to the various rewards provided by different casinos.


There may be another form of gambling that’s great for money making. You can wager on various forms of investments. 

It may be purchasing a property intended to increase in value, investing in a business venture or investing in stocks and binary options. In most of the investments, you will have to gamble because there is no certainty that these investments will result in a gain.

To make sure that investment gambling results in positive outcomes, you need to do your research. Be fully aware of what to do. 

If you don’t have the experience, look for the insights and ideas of those who have made their investments big.

You can also easily seek information online through various kinds of platforms tha is related to the investment that you are interested in.

Win The World Series Of Poker

In 2017, the jackpot for winning this series was a whopping amount of 8.15 Million USD, the 2nd place was 4.7 Million USD. In addition, if you make it up to the final table, or position it in the top 9, you’ll see at least $ 1 million in payout.

Yet did you know there are hundreds of poker tournaments per year that pay out more than $100,000 played?

You don’t have to collect a big score to claim the WSOP main event. However, even though you’re only looking at the world’s biggest poker tournament, your chances of winning are always much higher than you get with stuff like one of the major lottery draws.

But, there’s a catch. The other two ways to get rich through gambling have a low entry barrier. You just need $2 or $3 to play those games because the entry fee for the WSOP main event is $10,000 which can be a huge investment for players.

Sports Gambling

Sports gambling is a hard business to get rich from, but a couple of players can do it. 

By attempting to win several bets in a row while rolling your earnings into the next bet, is one way to use sports betting to take a shot at fast wealth. Another way is to try using a multi-team parlay ticket by betting for fast money.

Typically most sports bettors who seek to roll their money, or win a major parlay, fail. The sports bettors who make money, like some poker players and blackjack card counters, are the ones who grind out wins over time.

Many active sport bettors create their own structures or models, and use them to find lucrative games and lines. Then, they integrate their models and structures with the analysis of the participating players and teams, and identify attractive betting situations.

If you want to try sports betting for easy riches, pick a multi-team parlay and take your chances. The chances are higher than the draw, but the bonuses are lower.

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How A Professionally Web Designed Website Can Help Your Business

We all know that the business world is already congested. Aside from the fact that there are already endless conventional businesses anywhere in the world, the online world is no different. Even in social network accounts, business advertisements are rampant. Yes, the world is indeed full of them thus if you are trying to be one of them then that is really fine as long as you know and you are very much aware of the competition you are about to enter. Yes, the business world is in a silent yet very stiff competition. Every businessman that is selling or providing the same commodities as you is your competitor and you being still about to enter, you are in the bottommost part of the competition and that means you need to double your effort to keep up with them and it is also important for you to know what the work culture is like in Malaysia.

But before anything else, what are they really competing about? Like what is the price? They are competing for attention from consumers and sales are the price. That is right, attracting attention and making these consumers consider your business instead is the bottom line of every businessman. This sounds easy but again, because of the competition, this is becoming more challenging every day especially for newcomers like you. But there is one thing that can greatly help you and that is to incorporate a professionally designed website. Below are some of the best reasons why this is so:

  • We all know that the internet is the easiest and most affordable way to access most of the consumers. In fact not only the consumers in your area but the global consumers for that matter. And how can you access them, well you can do that through your social media accounts and most of all, by having your online link that is professionally designed. Yes, it should be designed professionally and don’t bother doing it alone as you will only waste your time and for sure being you are not a professional website designer, your output will not be good enough to deal with your endless competitors. 
  • A professionally designed website will generate trust. You see, people have high regards to professional creations as we always aim to be treated professionally. Thus they will automatically assume that the person behind the website is also professional and will be professional in every aspect. 
  • There is a saying the first impression lasts and this really proves to be true in a lot of situation. Even you yourself might have experienced this that when you see something distasteful for the first time, you will not check on it again thinking it will always be like that. As time is gold and there are more other things to check, one distasteful experience will be enough. 

So, if you want to keep with the competition, if you want your newly opened business to be noticed, do your best and hire a web design service Penang because, at this time, it is your best option. 

Different ways to improve the quality of concrete

The quality of concrete to be used for the construction is very important and there are some factors that affect the ways to improve the quality of concrete. Good quality concrete should have concrete retarding agents, concrete admixtures,  and concrete additives Malaysia. Some of the important factors are as follows:

  • The pores present in the concrete make it weaker for the structure and this porosity of the concrete is because of the water-cement ratio in the mixture. Simply saying the porosity of the concrete makes it weaker.
  • The Other important factor is the water-cement ratio that is present in a mixture. There is a fixed amount of water that should be added to the fixed amount of cement, so you can have the best quality of concrete as a result. The porosity of the concrete is directly proportional to the water-cement ratio and it will automatically decrease the strength of the cement.
  • The aggregates to be used for the preparation of concrete should be strong because if the aggregates in concrete are weak, then it will affect the quality of concrete. As a result, the concrete will affect the strength quality of the structure. The bond that is formed between the aggregates and the paste should be strong because if the bond is weak it will make pores in the cement and the porosity will be the source of weakness in concrete.
  • There are some parameters that are related to the composition of the cement minerals which are: elite content, elite and elite reactivity, and cement sulfate content. The proportions of these parameters in the cement can affect its strong growth and the final strength achieved.

The most reactive cement mineral is elite, which contributes to concrete strength, so if there is more alive there will be better early strength in concrete. The strength given by the elite depends on different conditions, for example, the mixture is burned in the kiln and if the burning is lighter of a particular clinker then it will result in higher early strength because a more reactive elite will be formed. The sulfate content of gypsum content in cement is also a very important factor that affects the quality of the concrete. There should be a balance between the ability of the main clinker minerals and optimum sulfate content because too much sulfate can cause a false setting of the concrete.

For more details regarding them, do check out at 3D Resources.

Perks Of Having A Fit Body

Should You Get A Fit Body?

Are you tired of having people commenting on your body? Are you tired of hearing their painful words? Then maybe it is time for you to change that. Maybe it’s time for you to take a step. But make sure that you’re not doing it for them, but doing it for yourself. 

Having a fit body can give you amazing benefits that you’d surely enjoy. It will make life a whole lot better. Yes, it is true that you do not have to change yourself for people to like you, but if you love yourself enough, you should do something to make it better than ever. To motivate you up, here are some of the benefits you could get from having a fit body.

Why You Should Get A Toned Body

  • It will be easier for you to find clothes to buy and dress up. One of the exciting parts of our everyday life, is being able to dress the way we want too. But because of our bodies, there are clothes that we would like to wear but can’t. With a fit body, it is easier for you to find clothes that would easily look good on you. It will be easier for you to browse through clothing boutiques and find amazing clothes.
  • Then, with a fit body, you’d feel more confident than ever. You can walk with your head held high, knowing that no one can judge you, and everyone adores you. It sure is a painful reality that people would only love you if you have an amazing look, but that’s just it. You cannot change how they look at you, what they think about you, etc. You just have to find a way to deal with it.

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So those are some benefits you’d be able to enjoy once you have a fit body. You can try pilates to have an amazing body. It is one of the easiest ways to start your journey on achieving that body of yours. Find the right pilates class to join, look up Pilates Malaysia to find the best one.  

How To Choose The Right Property For You

Tips On Choosing The Right Property

Finding a property is not going to be easy. It is not as easy as shopping for clothes. There are a lot of things you would have to consider. 

When you finally get the chance to buy a property, guaranteed you would want to seize the moment. You would want to make sure that you get the right property for yourself. You don’t your money to go to waste. You want to make sure that you don’t have any regrets after getting the property. So to help you with that, here are some tips you could follow:

How To Choose The Right Property

  • When getting a property, or when you have your own property, you have the option to live in it or make money out of it. It is up to you whether you would turn it into a business. Most people who have just bought their first property, they tend to turn it into a business. They have it rented or turn into a store. If you plan to have your first property rented, then you wouldn’t really have to go for big properties. A two-bedroom property is enough. But if you plan to live there and have your family, then you need to think about your future plans, like how big your family is. Things like this will be able to guide you to choose which property to get.
  • You need to consider the locations of this property. It will help you out big time. You need something that is easily accessible, especially if you are turning it into a business. You need something that is convenient and comfortable.

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Now, Malaysia is probably one of the best places for you to move in. They have such amazing locations filled with amazing properties! There is an available house for rent Petaling Jaya, Cheras house for sale, and Subang Jaya condominium. 

What To Expect From an IT Support Service

Why You Need IT Support

No matter how carefully you laid out your business, no matter if it is profoundly established when it comes to the logistics aspects, still in time, it will need to be updated and most of all, it needs to be monitored, considering there are so many threats online. This is why it is always wise to hire a managed IT service provider. Hiring a local is highly advised because though, remote monitoring is now possible, still, if you have a choice, it cannot compete to face to face convo. 

But first of all, let us tackle some of the most prominent reasons why hiring an IT support service is a must in every business, if you don’t have an in-house capability:

Possible out of the box suggestions

An IT support service will not only be there at times when your business gets into trouble. They can also be there if you need suggestions in propelling your company to the top. While you might have carefully laid-out plans, it is always refreshing to hear what the experts might suggest. You might not be able to completely stir your business towards their suggestions, but at least you will have new insights and new inspirations.

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Minimize errors

Errors are expected being we are not perfect. However, as prevention is better than cure, a reliable IT support that is monitoring your business can apprehend problems while they are still initiating and easiest to handle or while they are still not affecting important facets of your business, especially your consumers. 

More options

Yes, when it comes to the tech market, the options are almost endless. However, for an ordinary person, or for those who are not well-versed about the technical side of the internet, you might not be able to realize all of them. Nevertheless, your hired IT support can introduce most of them to you, especially those that are useful to the processes of your business. 

A binding contract

When you hire an IT company, you will be going into an agreement with the entire agency. It means that you have a whole team backing up your business and it will be laid out in a contract. It means, the said agency will have to keep up their promise or they will have to face legal consequences. At the same time, you are also required to keep up your end of the agreement. 

Technology is change at all times

Yes, nothing is constant in this world except change. That said, being you are not an IT person, you will not right away know if there are better options for the processes or apps you are using to keep up a smooth-sailing business. But your IT will know for sure and being they are tasked to monitor your business, they will surely suggest the updates to you. 

Without a doubt, a reliable IT company will be the best solution for your business. With them backing up the processes of your company, peace of mind will surely come to you. 

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing Between A Diploma or a Pre-university Course

Diploma VS Pre-university

Are you torn between a diploma and pre-university or foundation course? Maybe you are having a hard time on what to choose now that you have your SPM certificate? Yes, it is really important to give a continued application to study after graduation spm a serious thought as this is now about your future. Yes, and your parents might suggest something, but at the end of the day, it should be your decision that will be followed as this is your life. They should just be there to guide you and to give some suggestions.

To help you decide, here are some of the important matters to check:

The requirements

If you check the requirements, you will find that there are more when it comes to the pre-university course compared to the diploma. There are even some degree courses that has more requirements. However, if this is not really a problem to you like you have done well in your SPM, then you can just skip this.

The length of the study

For the pre-university course, you only need to spend about 1 to 2 years. But then again, this will not enable you to qualify to work hiring, considering that this is just a preparatory course. For you to be eligible to work, you have to pursue course for another number of years. As for the diploma course, you only need to take about 2 to 3 years if you will continue learning after spm. A diploma is a standalone course. It means that this alone can already make you eligible for some jobs like in the skills-related industries.

Possible pathway

With a diploma course, you have two options actually. You can either start working right away after the diploma is in your hands, or you can pursue a degree. It will be your choice, and I guess this will depend on your financial situation of your parents’ for that matter.

As for the pre-university course, there is no other option but to pursue a degree as its course cannot be accepted in any company. Well, there might be some companies that will hire anybody, but his studies will not be considered in any way.

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Financial assistance

With a diploma course, you are automatically eligible for the PTPTN loan which is not the case with the pre-university course, except some of the foundation courses. This is quite convenient if your parents are already having a hard time supporting your studies. Even if they can indeed find a way now, but what about the next month and so on? With the said loan, you can be assured that you will be able to graduate and can then focus on your studies.

This video shows the many ways to get financial aid to fund for your studies:

Yes, a diploma study is without a doubt better compared to a pre-university course. This is even why more and more SPM students choose this path. They find this more promising for their future. You might do the same as well.

Jadi, kalau anda hendek sambung belajar selepas SPM sudah tamat, lebih baik memohon untuk diploma.

The Work Culture In Malaysia

Plan To Work In Malaysia?

Malaysia is a country where tradition and modernity meets. Home to varying cultures, Malaysia plays a host to Chinese, Indians, Westerners and other Asians. Because of this rich diversity and the mix of multiple cultures, it is very hard to pinpoint which traits stand out among others. That being the case, younger generations and non-locals tend to be unsure of how to interact and how to conform to avoid seeming rude or offending others. To help, here are a few key points on Malaysian Work Culture for local and non-local jobseekers.

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Check out this video to learn about the experience of an expat living and working in Malaysia:

1. Work Schedule

Malaysian companies usually follow a 9:00AM-05:00PM, Monday to Saturday schedule with a 1-hour lunch break. And similar to most countries, Malaysia sticks to a 48 hours maximum workweek schedule. Three items  to take note in connection to the work schedule: (1) lunchtime is sacred, so no schedules of meetings or working lunch; (2) arriving earlier and leaving later is a sign of working hard; and (3) leaving before the employer may mean you are not working hard enough. This custom may be attributed to the hierarchal structure adhered to by other Asian countries, where a wide gap exists between superiors and subordinates. 

2. Meetings

As practised in most corporate settings, meetings are always scheduled in advance to allow time for preparation. One limitation is that, as mentioned above, meetings are not to be scheduled during lunch breaks. With that in mind, here are some reminders. Before the meeting, if the venue is in your office, be sure to greet the visitors at the entrance to show respect and hospitality. If the venue is in another office, always come on time and not earlier or late. Coming on time ensures that the host has finished all preparations and is ready to be the host for the meeting. Lastly, at the start of the meeting, introductions will be made and as custom dictates, women and high-ranking officials should be given first introductions. 

3. Negotiation

In keeping with its Asian roots, Malaysians tend to be cautious and diplomatic. It is imperative that transactions are based on careful evaluation to ensure a long-term partnership. In addition, instead of giving a “no” for an answer, a more diplomatic approach will be given. Akin to other Asian nations, “soft power” is the preferred show of leadership and authority.

4. After Office Hours Work

Like most countries, after-hours work is a part of the Malaysian Work Culture. If there are emails or messages received after work, an employee is still obligated to respond. It is a norm to still be connected to work emails even after hours.

To sum up, the listed key points are given to help you navigate the work culture in Malaysia and make your transition from newbie to the rookie as smooth as possible. The main purpose of the enumeration is to give you an overview of what to expect in most Malaysian offices and not to stereotype all companies. Being a newcomer is always an awkward phase because this is an adjustment period for you and the people you mingle with. Just remember that this phase is temporary and is an essential point of learning. Thus, with the pointers above and your readiness for the job, may you have an easier time in starting a new phase in your career. If you are looking to change your career, you should visit, one of the largest job portal.

Discount Voucher For AirBnB in KL

Planning your next Airbnb trip?

If you are looking for a place to stay near KL, we have good news for you! We have collaborated with a few real estate agencies and managed to score some exclusive discounts for your next AirBnb stay!

If you can’t tell the difference between getting an AirBnb or apartment, watch this video below:

Are you looking for high-end properties like serviced apartments or condominiums? If you are, you might like to check the verve suites kuala lumpur? Yes, they should be perfect for what you need. As of now, they have many properties, both for rent and for sale that are already available. I am telling you that you won’t regret sure once you checked their properties as they are not your conventional buildings. In fact, they are designed for the high-end market. Well, of course, they are more expensive than the ordinary properties out there as the verve suites mont kiara are far from ordinary. In fact, not an inch can be considered as ordinary in any of their units.

But of course, you should not trust anyone and instead, you should see the properties with your own eyes. If you will check their website, most of their properties are displayed with a slideshow feature so that every corner is shown. You will find that nothing in it is done hurriedly. Every aspect of the properties from this company is well planned. From the exterior to the interior spell luxury. They really made sure that property buyers will aim for what they can offer.

Here are what you can expect from the properties of Verve suites:

1. The location

The location of the properties alone is enough to explain why they are designed for the high-end buyers. They are at the prime location of Mont Kiarain, Kuala Lumpur. The properties are connected to 7 highways so that going there and here will not be a struggle. If you’re interested to know more, you can check out this article on things to look out for before buying a condo.

2. Classified as residential

Their properties, that are classified as residential, are developed by no less than the best developer in Kuala Lumpur which is the Bukit Kiara Properties. You see, it is important that you dig about the developer before buying a property since you are buying a finished product. The developer should have an excellent reputation. After all, calamities are becoming a normal event these days. You surely don’t want to live in a house that cannot withstand earthquakes and the likes.

3. High-end customers

As mentioned already, Verve Suites are targeting the high-end market. This is quite an ambitious goal though and they must have the confidence to do this, especially that this is also what you will see in their page. Why do you think they are so confident to claim this? The reason? It is because they know that their properties will meet the high standards of the elite customers. They know for a fact that they will be embarrassed by their developers and since their properties are available, like there are 212 units available for sale and 386 units for rent, you can check them online anytime you want to. Yes, and in fact for them, their selling point is the luxury and elegance their property exude. Most of them are able to afford to buy property verve suites mont kiara. Another property that is good to buy is Marc Residences. You can also get a property marc residence for rent as well as verve suites kl south for rent.

4. Facilities

Actually, the elegance and luxurious properties are not the only selling point, but also the facilities that surround them. That is right as luxurious facilities and amenities are awaiting for the new owners and tenants of the properties from Verve Suites. Some of the facilities are tennis, table tennis and squash courts, badminton court that are all housed in a multi-purpose hall. But that us not all, if you love to watch movies, the best films can be viewed from their cinema as well as a complete theater. There is also a reading pavillion for book lovers that is located on the top floors of the apartments. Aside from that, there are also amenities for the health conscious like a gym, a games room and still a lot more. Yes, there is nothing to ask more from the properties provided by the Verve Suites.

5. Structure of the Verve Suites Properties

The Verve Suites is actually a high-rise with 4 blocks. In each of the blocks, there are 931 units and different number of stories. Whichever unit you will end up with, you need not worry as each of them are furnished equally with no theme in particular. If you are interested in getting a unit in this prestigious location, you can give them a call or check their website for starters.

Buying a property is a huge investment. The best properties to invest in are Marc Residences and Verve Suites. This surely entails for one to a through digging so that his hard earned money will not come to waste. With the Verve Suites properties though, you can be assured that this is a win-win situation.

The Best Places in Malaysia to Live and Invest in Real Estate

Do you want to settle in Malaysia? Well, you are just one of the many who do. And while you have that thought, maybe you also want to invest in real estate in this country as it is known to be really profitable. However, the location will matter a lot, thus before you buy a property in Malaysia, be sure that you know where to invest your money so that the returns are more than what you have in mind. Real estate in Malaysia might be currently booming, but this varies in its areas.

Below are just a few of the best states to live and invest in property Malaysia:
1. Kuala Lumpur
Being the capital of this country, you can expect that this is where most of the people are as well as most of the opportunities are. The good thing about this city is despite the fact that it is quite progressive, it is still not that expensive living here which is not the case with other equally progressive cities. If you happen to be an expat, you will find your buddies here and this top the list when it comes to real estate investing. Not only that, this is also considered as next in line when it comes to the best city to live in Southeast Asia in which Singapore lead the tally. A few properties in Kuala Lumpur is the Pantai HillPark, Verve Suites, Taman Puncak Jalil and Platinum Hill PV 5.

When it comes to the property Malaysia, you will be surprised to know that they are cheap in this part of Malaysia, especially now that the usual price rise annually is just 5% which was supposed to be 10% basing the past trends. However, that is expected to rise again soon, thus if you are planning to buy a property in KL, you should act on it now.

2. Johor
This state is located with proximity of Singapore in the southernmost part of the country. Yes, and in fact, only a bridge separates the city from the very progressive Singapore, thus you can say that this is also a good place to start your plan to invest in real estate. There are about 3 million people here. To view the various properties available in Johor, check out Johor project outlook.

Compared to Kuala Lumpur, you will enjoy a lower cost of living and at the same time, lower cost of investment since the properties here are expected to be cheaper as well.

There is a big part of the tourism industry in this city as they contribute a lot in generating a stable economy of the state, that is thanks to the fact that it is quite close to Singapore. At the same time, you will also find that there a lot of expats in this part of the country while tourists from Singapore take time to check this state on weekends.

For the last few years, the price hike is around 4.5% which is actually below the national average which is 5.1%. Nevertheless, it is still a better choice when you compare it to the other regions like Perlis, Pinang, Pulau, Kelantan and more in which their increase is just 4%.

3. Penang
If you are looking for a state that is not touched by the urban life yet, Penang is your best choice. However, this does not mean that you won’t find any potential tenants here as that is not the case and in fact, your rental property will surely be filled all the time in this state considering there are about 1.75 million of people living in Penang.

This is just perfect for expats next to Kuala Lumpur as here you will find people like you who think that their native land is not where they should end. Yes, Penang is the home of a huge expatriate community and is considered as a state with a stable economy. You can hardly find a person who is just idle here as this state has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. You can say that Penang is also a perfect place to buy your first rental property.

You will be surprised to know that compared to Malays, there are more Chinese people living in this part of Malaysia, which is known as the Silicon Valley of the East. In fact, this state is next to Kuala Lumpur when it comes to HDI rankings.

The property prices in Penang is what you can say as comfortable. So, if you don’t have that much funds as your capital, you can try to make it roll here.

4. Ipoh
This is the capital city of Perak state and is located in the Ipoh is the capital city of the state of Perak, the Northwestern parts of Malaysia. This progressive city has a population of about 650,000 people and is considered as the third biggest.

You can also say that this is this one of the most checked cities in the country because of its many attractions that entice tourists in which the most notable is its British era architecture. It is popular for its amazing limestone hills.

Basing on the latest survey, this city is considered as the cleanest in the country and not only that, it is also considered as one of the places on earth with the friendliest people. Thus, you will never have a struggling time settling here and finding your way around. They have the entire population to assist you with a smile.

Even with the fact that this city is not really that popular for expats, it is observed that more and more expats are starting to hear the goodness of Ipoh and that is because of the blending amenities that this city can offer. Ipoh is also ranked as one of the most enticing citires to retire, according toe a lot of international publications. That is mainly because of its strategic location which is in between Georgetown and Kuala Lumpur. However, compared to the two mentioned states, you will find that properties here are cheaper however, it is expected to rise in the future thus, will just be perfect if your funds are tight.

5. Sabah
This is also called “Land Below the Wind” and is the second largest state in the country. You will find this state right next to the typhoon belt of the Philippines.

In this state, you will find a cluster f small and big islands which actually define this place and are the reasons why tourists can’t help but include this state in their itinerary. The biggest island of Malaysia which is the Pulau Banggi is part of this state.

Sabah is one of the most populated part of Malaysia with a population of 3.5 million. Though it is still not that popular to expats, you can say that it will soon as it has all what the tourists want like rainforests, wildlife, and scenic views that the country can offer.

There are still in Malaysia that will surely motivate you to start investing in real estate in this country. Before you start using your money though, you can still do a little digging to discover them more for you to come up with the right choice. After that, investing in property Malaysia will entail you to spend a good amount of money. Check out Gambier Heights
and Puncak Erskine as well.