Different ways to improve the quality of concrete

The quality of concrete to be used for the construction is very important and there are some factors that affect the ways to improve the quality of concrete. Good quality concrete should have concrete retarding agents, concrete admixtures,  and concrete additives Malaysia. Some of the important factors are as follows:

  • The pores present in the concrete make it weaker for the structure and this porosity of the concrete is because of the water-cement ratio in the mixture. Simply saying the porosity of the concrete makes it weaker.
  • The Other important factor is the water-cement ratio that is present in a mixture. There is a fixed amount of water that should be added to the fixed amount of cement, so you can have the best quality of concrete as a result. The porosity of the concrete is directly proportional to the water-cement ratio and it will automatically decrease the strength of the cement.
  • The aggregates to be used for the preparation of concrete should be strong because if the aggregates in concrete are weak, then it will affect the quality of concrete. As a result, the concrete will affect the strength quality of the structure. The bond that is formed between the aggregates and the paste should be strong because if the bond is weak it will make pores in the cement and the porosity will be the source of weakness in concrete.
  • There are some parameters that are related to the composition of the cement minerals which are: elite content, elite and elite reactivity, and cement sulfate content. The proportions of these parameters in the cement can affect its strong growth and the final strength achieved.

The most reactive cement mineral is elite, which contributes to concrete strength, so if there is more alive there will be better early strength in concrete. The strength given by the elite depends on different conditions, for example, the mixture is burned in the kiln and if the burning is lighter of a particular clinker then it will result in higher early strength because a more reactive elite will be formed. The sulfate content of gypsum content in cement is also a very important factor that affects the quality of the concrete. There should be a balance between the ability of the main clinker minerals and optimum sulfate content because too much sulfate can cause a false setting of the concrete.

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