How To Décor Up Your New Home

Moving in the dream house and building your new home has always been on the bucket list of many. Rather than a bucket list, it is a very specific goal for many. So when the day comes for you to pack your bags and move into your brand new House for sale Dutamas, it is certainly exciting. 

The ownership of your dream Dutamas property gives you free rein on decorations. Bringing your home a touch of personality and identity. Splurging it up a little and making it your true home. But as exciting as the prospect of decorating, it is equally nerve-wracking. Decor-ing up our home is expensive but necessary. From the colors we choose to the paintings we buy, it all matters to how our new home will look. Do it wrong and you end up with something that does not sit well with you. But do the decor right, you are going to feel like you are in your own mansion!

So how can you utilize your acquired Dutamas apartment for sale? How can you make the best out of the space, now that you own our home? We tend to get crazy when we get our hands on something brand new, but decor takes a little bit of strategizing (and luck!) 

Choose A Theme Of Your Choice 

The theme could be anything depending on your own personality. Are you someone who loves the beach? Maybe a few colors that represent the ocean, nude colors, and rustic furniture can bring your space up a notch. If the Australian beach house is not your vibe, there are still so many to choose from. A popular style and theme among many are the nordic style homes, Scandinavian furniture, and many more.

This requires a very minimal approach to your paint, furniture, and your decorations. The minimality works in so many different ways to our advantage. They can make your space look even more airy, spacious, and harmonious. 

If a nordic style is not your suit, we still have inspiration from various countries around the world. From Morocco to India, take note of these two countries to bring deep jewel-toned colors into your home. 

Get Some Inspiration From The Pros And Get It All In One

We follow a lot of people on different social media. Now that you are moving into your new home, we need to take a good look at the type of inspiration we are taking from home decor pros. The internet and social media are home to huge pages and people who teach us different home decor methods and home decor places. Depending on the people you follow, you can figure out your style and take a few prints of the furniture, style, floor plans, living arrangements, and everything you want. 

When decorating your new home, your style, theme, and ability to implement them all depend on the budget. So have you chosen your budget? Have you planned out how much each of the decors is allocated to each part? For furniture, you can have a set price while for flooring you can have another. It is important to stay planned ahead before moving into your new home as well.

Enjoy decorating your new home!

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Things To Do Outside When You’re Bored At Home (While Social Distancing)

The year 2020 has not been kind to us as the whole nation is plagued with the COVID-19 pandemic which limits everything that used to be our norms for an opening to the new ones. We are ought to comply with social distancing laws, wear masks whenever we are out and about and do frequent sanitization. Quarantine ourselves in our Sunway Damansara condo homes may lower the risk of virus spreading and infection, however there is no doubt that we will get bored from staying indoors for too long. 

Unless you are a homebody and do not mind cooping inside your Shah Alam condo, everyone needs fresh air and exposure of vitamin D from sunlight to keep your body healthy. Of course, with social distancing and other precautions in mind, there should be no problem for you to explore the wonders of the outdoors after those long wee hours at home.

Here are things to do outside when you’re bored at home while practicing social distancing:

  1. Visit Titiwangsa Lake Park

Love physical activities but the small confined room is suffocating you and your space? Paying a visit at Kuala Lumpur should not miss out on Titiwangsa Lake Park as it is a must drop by place to do your daily jogs and recreation. In consideration of the pandemic, the park is open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. and group activities such as children’s playground, water activities and gymnastic facilities provided there are not allowed to use for safety reasons as to not propagate the virus. You are also allowed to cycle around the park as long as you bring your own bicycle.

  1. Explore Around Your Neighbourhood

Have you ever taken the time to admire the view around your neighbourhood since the first day you moved in? If visiting the park makes you anxious of how crowded it can be sometimes and you worry about the risk of infection, taking a walk in your area can not only let you breathe in the familiar scent around you, in fact, you may stumble upon new residents to make friends with. Isolation can be tough, so making friends can help you mentally from loneliness at home. As long as you are aware of the protocols, saying a simple hello can brighten up your day. 

  1. Get Active At Your Backyard

If you prefer a safer way than actually going outside, get creative with your backyard. You can pitch a tent and make your own staycation there, or do a little picnic, practice your skills in skateboarding and rollerblades if you have a flat surface, play basketball with your family and many more. Not only do you get that daily dose of vitamin D, but you are also giving yourself a lot of space than locking yourself in your room all day doing nothing but to let time pass until the pandemic is over. Fill your time with a vigorous lifestyle which can be beneficial for both your body and soul.

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What Young Customers Are Most Skeptical Of

If you have yet to know already, youngsters comprise of few from the Millenials and most from Generation Z are typically known to be fairly different from their seniors. This includes the way they get their daily information, the way they work, the way they purchase goods and services, so on and so forth. The reason being they are born amid such an era where digital invention and technology advancement are rapidly on the rise, having their lifestyle directly influence accordingly. They are known to be a technology geek and those who seek convenience at their best. While you think learning about their attributes does not do your businesses any good, you may need to start switching up your perspectives. Millennials and Gen Z currently dominate the globe and possess a purchasing power larger than any of their seniors. In short, they can do you good provided you are willing to meet their needs and demands. Here is what you can avoid doing as a business owner to not have them being skeptical of your venture : 

website design penang

Online Business With Poorly Built Online Presence 

You may have a well-established brick-and-mortar business with many customers frequenting daily, however, if you wish to reach your venture out to more prospective customers whom you have yet to personally encounter, you need to boost your online presence, a platform where youngsters are dominant. If they happen to come across the social media account of your business but your platform has little to no followers or content, they might just dismiss it. These elements are what they deemed as a credible source when it comes to getting their interests and attention. Little did we all know, they are fairly experienced with online-scams-encountering, therefore, any platform that looks skeptical would not usually get their attention, let alone being your prospective customer. Long story short, be active on social media platforms and be engaging so your young target market knows your legitimacy. 

Poorly Built Website

This is to those who have a business website comprising all relevant information dedicated to your venture. Always get laymen to test out your website’s interface and observe its intuity. You do not wish to build a website with fairly complex features which require significant prior knowledge before operating it. You are not teaching people how to use your website, you are asking people to use your website. As a result, give people a concrete reason why they should use your website, and that reason being your website is highly intuitive in which people can just devise their fundamental technology knowledge when operating it. To get professional advice, website design penang is here to provide. Applying the same concept to when we meet people for the first time, we never beat around the bush while introducing ourselves to strangers, we explain to them who we are, what do we do, and so on in ways that people do not have to put in extra effort to get to know you. If that is the case, people might as well just not talk to you whatsoever

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Forex Trading During Coronavirus In Malaysia

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread all over the world, most citizens are forced to stay indoors to prevent the virus spreading and causing more deaths. Non-working citizens are forced to stay at home browsing through the same social media platforms while working citizens are let go by their companies or forced to work at home. They are either left with ways to generate income or are paid lesser than usual. Among all the businesses online, forex trading has seen an increase in popularity due to the pandemic as both non-working and working citizens are searching for ways to generate as much income as possible. However, it is not something that anyone can jump in as traders run a risk of losing money than they can earn. So, how does one start forex trading and where do they start?

IG is a forex broker Malaysia traders can look out for if they wish to invest into forex trading according to Forex As the best forex broker in 2021, IG provides all kinds of services that will ensure their newbie traders are able to learn the basics of forex trading by providing demo accounts. In case you are not familiar with forex trading you can learn more info on top forex broker Malaysia here. Once they are comfortable enough, traders can create a live account to start trading with confidence. With 45 years of experience, traders under IG will be able to learn the ins-and-outs of trading before opening their account. And the best of all, they have their own mobile app that is downloadable on iOS and Android smartphones which allows traders to continue trading on the go, during their break or at home after a long day’s work. With a wide variety of FX pairs, traders can find their preferred pairs to trade in or invest into more pairs if they are daring enough. 

Alternatively, beginner forex traders can seek out eToro to familiarize themselves with forex trading. eToro is the best forex broker to learn about forex trading as they specialize in copy trading, which means traders can copy a live account and imitate their sales and purchase. Beginner forex traders then are advised to proceed opening their own accounts once they are comfortable enough to trade on their own. As forex trading is a highly volatile market, anything can happen and cause the market to change. If a trader uses copy trading, they will not be able to react appropriately and lose more than they can gain.

With the forex market being the biggest but most dangerous market in the world, interested individuals should be well-educated before investing into forex trading. The market can be influenced by any factors that would cause fluctuations in the market. As it operates 24 hours, some traders will not be able to exploit the changes in the market and lose out opportunities. However, if you still wish to commit forex trading, make sure you find legal forex brokers that are recognized by your country’s government to prevent any scams and ensure that their operations are legitimate and safe.

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Top 3 Architecture Companies in Malaysia

As the human population rapidly increases over the few decades, many construction companies and architecture firms are working together to build as many residential areas as possible to accommodate the large population in the country. Although it is easy to think that the architecture companies will copy and paste designs to get the job done, they proved themselves by creating unique designs that would make your jaws drop like the Burj Khalifa, Shanghai Tower, Kuala Lumpur Tower and many more. Architecture companies that design structures at a smaller scale like Kengo Kuma and Associates and EcoWorld are dedicated to creating smaller but equally grand designs that would attract plenty of attention from the general public. Here are the top 3 architecture companies in Malaysia.

Firstly, EcoWorld is a famous architecture company Malaysia has witnessed its growth to what it is today. It has worked on projects in Singapore and Australia as well. Some of their popular projects include Bukit Bintang City Centre, EcoSky, Eco Ardence and Eco Forest, they have attracted the attention of Malaysians with their unique, grand designs. Despite being published much earlier, it slowly became more popular in recent years with their unique designs and has offices around the world. 

Secondly, ATSA is an architecture company that was established quite recently which is 1992. Despite being one of the latest architecture companies, they have huge projects under their belts as they have worked on the famous CIMB Tower we see in Kuala Lumpur, One Avenue Mall in Sabah, Sime Darby World HQ in Kuala Lumpur and Giant Hypermarket in Kota Damansara. Winning multiple awards since 202, ATSA has quickly become one of the most recognizable architecture companies in Malaysia .

Finally, MJKanny Architect is one of the most popular and fastest growing architecture companies in Malaysia despite establishing in 2002. With major projects such as Batu Pahat WetWorld, Solitaire Outlets and Kova Hills Resort under their belts, they have gained a lot of recognition over the past few years. They were also featured in multiple publications which have garnered the attention of many fellow architects in the country. Despite being a newly established architect company, MJ Kanny Architect has won multiple awards in Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) in 2019 for their Canopy House and Funnel House projects.

With all of that said, these 3 architecture companies have helped develop Malaysia into a modernized country with various futuristic and unique designs that would look like you would see in another country. As Malaysia continues to develop, we will be able to see the country become better for citizens to live in as Malaysians have to deal with hot and cold weather that would come and go inconsistently every month. High rise buildings are becoming a common sight for most citizens now as we continue to expand our population but may cost some unforeseen circumstances in the future. Architecture companies are here to design buildings to help prevent these circumstances from happening while creating the most optimal and unique designs.

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Debunking the Myths Of Weight Loss

 If you have been google how to lose weight on your high-speed Time home fibre Malaysia, then you have come to the right place!

Today we will debunk some myths about weight loss. There are so many fitness gurus and health specialists preaching about weight loss. And they all different answers. Some say count calories and some say don’t eat more than 1200 calories a day. While there are others who say eat more than 1800 calories while others say go on fasts and diet juices. There are countless types of diet from keto to high protein diets, full-fat diets to no sugar diets. These are endless. But which of these hold some grain of truth in the science behind the techniques. 

Let’s take a look at some facts involving weight loss. 

  1. Eating Vitamin pills every day Can Make Us Lose Weight. True Or False? 

False. Vitamins and other supplemental pills are good for our body. Especially if we have a deficiency of a certain vitamin or we fail to include it all in our diet every day. However, it is not true that vitamin pills are magical pills that help us to lose weight. Just like detox juices, they have their benefits, but they don’t do much of a role in making us lose weight. People who claim that supplements made them lose weight, forget to take in other uncontrolled factors. The placebo effect of taking a pill also meant the person may be taking subconscious activities towards losing weight, like walking more, eating healthier, and so on. In the end, it is not the pill itself that helps us lose weight. It can moderate the effects but it is wrong to say they can make u lose weight. 

  1. You Can’t Lose Weight If You Eat It All. True Or False?

This is somewhat misleading. Eating a certain amount and especially fewer calories can help us lose weight in the short term. But eating less than the dietary recommendation slows down our metabolism which hinders our weight loss journey in the long run. The weight you lost from eating fewer calories is most likely to come back once your body hits a plateau. 

It is important to keep your body fed. Because this is how your metabolism is active and it is also how you have the energy to be more active. Being active will inevitably help us lose weight as long as we burn more calories within a week than we consume. But this does not mean we eat so less that it starves our body. That can make us fatigued and mentally tired as well. So in the end it is safe to say, we can truly eat what we love but in moderate controlled portions to lose weight. 

  1. Carbs Stop You From Losing Weight. True OR False? 

One of the biggest myths on the platform is about carbs. Carbs are our source of energy. Carbohydrates are meant to fill us up and keep us energized for long periods of time. We should be embracing healthy carbs and minimizing the unhealthy ones. Every food group has its bad content and the same goes for carbs. Carbs even those that un, not whole grain is beneficial when eaten in controlled moderate portions. But it is always better to eat healthy whole grains. 

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Tips For A Sustainable Living

Being sustainable has never been more important than now. Sustainable lives can ensure that this world is intact for the coming generations and they don’t need to face the burden of the world we soiled and endangered. 

Who knows maybe in the future we can travel off to Mars but until then, we need to find a way to make sure we keep our world intact for coming generations. Sustainability drives innovation, eco-friendliness and makes sure the human race along with other organisms thrives. It is seen through the way we conduct transportation, consume energy, Socialize, and hunt and feed. Whether you are a CEO of a multi level marketing software demo or a marketer, you need to play your role in a sustainable life before it is too late. 

  1. Thrift and donate used items

The fashion industry has damaged this world more than any other. Fast fashion is the biggest culprit of how we use clothes and ditch clothes. The culture contributed to polluting our land, oceans, and even air. How many more turtles are we going to find choking on the piece of crop tops or skirts you just decided is not worth donating. 20 percent of global waste and 10 percent of carbon emissions come from this very industry. However, you can change this by choosing to thrift clothes, buying from second-handed shops, and donating items that are good as new to others. You can even sell them to thrift stores that continuously work towards up working and reviving old clothes. You can also make give it to your friends instead of choosing to throw it out. 

  1. Consume less Energy 

When you save energy you reduce carbon emission. And with reduced carbon emission, there is less chance of rising temperatures, drastic floods, and other effects of climate change. You can save polar bears and pandas and other animals that are on verge of extinction as a result of climate change. You can also save your favorite resort destinations and beach holiday destinations such as the Maldives by turning off your light, fans, and other electronics. Don’t keep your AC or lights on when it is unnecessary. 

  1. Eat Less Meat 

This is a hard one for both you and me. But if you take a very close look at the meat industry and its incredibly disheartening practices and unsustainable methods, you will definitely cut out meat, or at least by a little. We can switch from eating meat 7 days of the to maybe 3-4 days. If cutting out meat is not an option, you can also look for plant-based meat options that can help you with your bacon or chicken craving. 

  1. Cut Out Plastic 

We know that plastics are incredibly harmful to the environment. Yet we continue to use them because it is so much more convenient. However, it is only convenient because we made it that way. While I know it takes a bit of getting used to but starts practicing carrying a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles. Try keeping a grocery bag in your handbag at all times. Choose to shop from places that allow you to measure your grains and wheat into your own selection of sealed containers. There are many shops that contribute to sustainable living. Invest a little of your time to make conscious decisions. 

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Some Hidden Side Effects Of The COVID-19

He thought he was just overthinking. He thought it was just a “phase”. The dizziness would go away. So would his confusion and stumbles. The organized man he was, he never thought he would be the one to mess up his entire daily routine. Throughout his life, he spent a lot of his time playing poker online as well, in fact, he excelled at it. He was good at this mentally demanding game, but right now he seemed to have lost his touch.  Researchers only came to one conclusion. “Covid 19”.

Covid-19 certainly did disrupt his entire life. The contraction of COVID 19 did not leave this healthy 25-year-old man with just symptoms of flu. 

No, he was left with some complications he could not explain to his boss. He could not explain to society why his brain was a messy fog and why he had depression all of a sudden. 

The doctors are still trying to grasp the full story of the side effects of this infectious and contagious virus. The side effects are sometimes visible to the naked eye but in some cases, it does happen to be invisible as well. Doctors have reported dozens of cases of neurological side effects of the disease. Here are some of the side effects of this virus that has caused over million deaths across this world. 

  1. Psychological Effects 

Many suffered in Intensive care to treat their COVID 19. Young or old, the majority of us saw someone spend their time fighting for their life as a result of the virus. Some of these recovered patients were seen with invisible subtle effects of psychological repressions and effects. Some were seen as suffering from depression while others were seen to suffer from anxiety. It was reported that 1 in 5 people who contract the virus developed mental health issues. Several studies were conducted to understand how covid 19 played a significant role in the development of anxiety and depression. 

Many were seen with depression post recovery from COVID 19
  1. Brain Fog 

Neurological symptoms are common for those contracting covid-19. It was reported that approximately 30 to 50 percent of those who were hospitalized were seen to have some sort of neurological issue. Many contracting the virus reported having increased dizziness, weakness, fatigue, confusion and loss of attention, and weaker memory. These neurological problems were linked to the lack of oxygen the brain receives as a result of the virus. Many coined a term known as brain fog to explain the “Fog” we experience as a result of the virus. 

  1. Respiratory Symptoms 

The more obvious of symptoms are the respiratory symptoms. While we expect to have all issues straightened out once we are done with treatment, it does not always work well. Many who recovered experienced respiratory symptoms. These are related to how severe the covid 19 affected each individual. Some suffered from pneumonia or acute respiratory disease syndrome, while others just suffered from severe blocks in the airways and lungs. Each has some sort of long-term impact that may take time to recover from as a result of the weakened lungs and the immune system.

  1. Dermatological Symptoms 

Covid 19 can also affect your skin and hair based on the severity. The deterioration is not only limited to our lungs and immune system. It can go as deep as into our toes, hair, skin, and arms. Some people witnessed severe hair loss, while others developed various forms of rashes and small bumps over their bodies. Researchers suggest that a weakened immune system is responsible for these outer effects on our body. Skin symptoms are common in a lot of those suffering from COVID 19 and post COVID 19 as well. 

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Online Gigs You Can Try Out

Since MCO, the number of gigs online has boosted by a milestone. Many have lost their jobs and unemployment is at an all-time high. To ensure their families can survive many have resorted to selling food or doing online gigs. We’ve searched for some gigs that can help you during this difficult time. Note that some of these suggestions are exclusive to certain people. Online gigs don’t have to be fancy but they have to be products that the consumers want or don’t already have. Like the face mask business, before the MCO, no-one cared about face masks and all of a sudden everyone is shipping out face masks. Know where you’re putting your products because they must have a demand.

First of all, you can try selling products online. But to do that you need to find social marketing services Malaysia to ensure that everyone sees your products. Luckily during MCO radios such as HItz fm has offered to help SMEs to boost their businesses. Take this opportunity and use these types of platforms to sell your products. You can sell products of what you’re good in producing or making. If you’re good in art, you could buy glasses in bulk and make custom art on them to sell. Many consumers enjoy having products that they can pay homage to. You can expect people to ask for Naruto mugs or any superman mugs, Boost your e-commerce sites so that more people can see it and buy from you. Luckily Malaysians have been very supportive to each other and have been trying to help each other during the pandemic. So you may just be in luck.

Next if you’re a former tutor, we have a great opportunity for you. Many SPM students and school students have lost the past two years because they couldn’t attend school to get their education. You can take this opportunity to promote online tuition classes that they can attend. If you prefer to avoid having one to one classes you can also teach a small batch of students of up 10 at a time at online classes. Online classes might not be ideal but students can now ask questions to chapters they don’t understand. You can also provide materials for them to download and print so that they can use them to revise. SPM students can highly benefit from this as they are now able to get some education before their exam.

Finally, you an online gig you can try is, you can be of service and be paid to be shoppers. Due to the elderly being especially harmed by the virus, many are willing to cash out to get shoppers. Most of the elderly can’t use smartphones as either their vision is too blurry or they are not used to it. To avoid these issues, they prefer hiring someone who can buy their groceries for them. You can market yourself as a personal shopper and shop for people who would like your services. You can also place the groceries at their doorstep to comply with SOP so that you won’t harm the elderly.

We hope our tips on online gigs you can try will help you find a job you can temporarily access. These gigs are only applicable depending on the situation hence we hope you can make use of them when you want to. Good Luck!

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Why Romantic Getaways Are Vital

Indeed, the effects of the global decline of economy are getting the toll in most couples. Because of the fact that most of them have to work for them to be able to provide for their families, 24 hours seem to be not enough anymore. After attending to both of their daily grinds, they don’t have the energy anymore to bond. All they will do is do the usual routines and retire to bed to recharge for the next day. 

This is the usual scenario of almost every household until such time when they will already treat each other the way they treat their other relatives. Gone are the special feelings and attention they used to show towards each other. They just don’t have the time to give it a thought anymore as all their waking hours are spent dealing with their financial obligations. 

So, if you and your husband are in the same situation, don’t you think you need to do something about it before it is too late? Take note that divorce cases are increasing. For you not to end up like them, why not initiate a romantic getaway plan? That is right and to make your getaway more interesting, you can bring with you one of the various sex toys in malaysia. Trust me, this will complete your nights! 

Let me make you understand why a romantic getaway is vital for your marriage:

  • A romantic getaway will give both you and your husband to rekindle the love you used to have. This is the time to slow both of you down from running around to keep up with your daily grinds. This is also the time to look at each other again not just as providers but as lovers.
  • Being in a romantic atmosphere can generate sweetness from the both of you towards each other. Since you do not have anything to think or to deal with like there will be no need for both of you to wake up early, you can stay and cuddle in bed as long as you want to. You can have breakfast in bed leisurely. You can even have the talk just anything under the sun. 
  • Aside from, a vacation is also one way of relaxing your minds. Undeniably, hectic schedules can generate stressful situations and too much stress is said to be detrimental for one’s health. So, in a way, a romantic getaway will not only rekindle closeness between two people but at the same time, it can also generate wellness to your health. 
  • A romantic getaway is also the time to update each other. Maybe it has been long since you last talk about each other’s activities as you both are busy keeping up your hectic schedules. Well, away from all of those daily grinds can certainly change that even for just a week. A week together alone is certainly the best thing that you can both do for your marriage. 

So, if you are sold to this idea, start scouting now for a perfect getaway retreat. Check out online for there are already many romantic getaway retreats for you to choose from.

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