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Marine Companies And Tackling Environmental Issues

The best marine company in Malaysia is currently racing against time to establish tactics to save the marine world from loss of biodiversity, pollution and the endangerment of plants and animals. Commercial shipping has influenced a large amount of waste and pollution in water bodies that have affected the creatures, the water quality and the food net for animals that rely on fish or other sea animals from food. Many of them now attempt to correct their problematic routines and play their part in protecting the environment. So what are they doing exactly to help the environmental crisis plaguing our marine bodies? The answers vary according to the company and their own agendas, but many are doing similar things to help us get to a better place. Some plans are not to take place in the next year (or even in the next 5) because they are still a far-off dream, however there is a starting point. That’s what is important.


Fossil fuels are a nuisance when it comes to protecting the environment. They are not as efficient as other fuels and they produce a massive amount of pollution and waste. What marine companies are doing is reducing their fuel usage, looking into other fuel options and finding methods of making their engines adjustable to them. Firstly, the main fuel used in ships and marine transport systems is heavy fuel oil (HFO). There are many that use coal-powered engines, as well. There is still research on the future fuel sources that could play a role in significantly reducing energy consumption, especially in the case of biofuels. There is a play-around with the idea of electric engines, however numerous factors need to be considered as cargo ships are heavy and large and travel over vast waters in different weathers. It is still a challenging prospect.

 best marine company in Malaysia

Expanding Cargo Capacity

To minimize the fuel usage, one plan is to expand the cargo holding capacity. This not only increases efficiency in terms of transporting goods, but it also ensures that less fuel is used getting good to where they are going. Adding more space reduces the number of trips and ships used. Having less ships moving across the water reduces noise pollution too, which disrupts the mating, nesting seasons and migratory patterns of marine life.  

Modifying Engines

Furthermore, they aim to make their engines more adjustable to the fuels to make them burn less but maintain the same distance travelled. A modified engine may also be able to accept the newer fuels and use it with more efficiency than the old ones. With good ship management comes the ability to further impact the carbon footprint of these large sea vessels, as they are kept in good conditions to reduce the likelihood of leakages, unnecessary noise and misuse of fuel.