Classical Films To Watch For Some Drama 

Young multi-ethnic hipster friends relaxing on living room sofa and watching film on TV
Young multi-ethnic hipster friends relaxing on living room sofa and watching film on TV

If you spend most of your time online, working from home, you probably tired. Whatever your work is, starting from writing articles, developing websites by SEO and coding, you need some entertainment to let the stress out. Want to have a binge-watching movie night? Tired of the mainstream Malay films? Let’s watch these two films. Spoiler alert! No, there is minimal spoiler as you can choose and decide whether to watch them or not. 

Ibunda / Mother’s Film Review (Teguh Karya, 1986)

The film Ibunda (1986) by Teguh Karya is his original where Mother seeks a family living in Jakarta, Indonesia. The film has focused on one mother, Rakhim’s mother. Rakhim’s mother is a widowed mother who had to face trials in her life, namely the problems of her children and being separated from her family. In the film it is shown that the problems come from her youngest daughter because of the daughter being egoistic towards her mother and siblings. This film also shows that they have shown the current situation in the recording of a film made. For example, when his son is acting in a film that is played even the use of light and background music has affected the audience when watching this film which shows the attitude of his mother who really loves her son on the character played. The film also shows social status as we can see what they say about skin color and different races. Lukas is an irian who wants to be friends with fitri but his brother does not agree. In addition, the film has given meaning to the community because we can see that his mother who often supports her children to do what they want like her son who once said he wanted to be an artist and become famous and his mother still supports and says he can to him. The film can also see the sacrifice of a mother to take care of her children and shows a mother who loves her children very much. The film has reminded us of the importance of the meaning of family and a mother in life.

Chuchu Datok Merah Film Review (M.Amin 1963)

The film Chuchu datuk Merah (1963) by M. Amin was adapted from the work of Ali Aziz. Apart from that, the character of Awang Janggut (husband of kuntum or called chuchu pahlawan datuk merah) in this film focuses on Chuchu Datuk Merah, namely Awang Janggut who tells the life of Awang Janggut who is married to (Wan Kuntum) but is lazy to find a job because he is proud of descendants of red grandfather chuchu. Furthermore, the appearance of Siti anak to Sheikh Hassan (a nobleman) in Awang Janggut’s life has caused various conflicts in his household which caused Awang Janggut to fall in love with Siti. Awang Janggut is an arrogant and egoistic person because he is a descendant of chuchu datuk merah. In fact, he was forced by his wife to find a job with Sheikh Hassan (the aristocracy) but his job request was rejected by Sheikh Hassan which caused Awang Janggut to be dissatisfied with Sheikh Hassan. The end of this film tells the story of Awang Janggut who is cheating with his wife which causes Awang Janggut’s life to be uncertain, due to the loss of his wife (Wan Kuntum) who has been poisoned by Long Daik. Eventually his wife has fallen into the depths of the tribe. Awang Janggut also began to plunge into the lubok puaka because he was heard and called by his wife who was considered dead with his wife in the lubok puaka. In this film, there are various types of camera techniques used, one of which is (medium shot) taken in the part before the chicken fight starts which focuses on Siti who smiles when she sees Awang Janggut who is carrying his chicken. The film has elements of sadness, regret and winking.

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