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Do You Need A Nursing Pillow?

Using a nursing cushion is a personal preference and is not required for proper breastfeeding technique. Some mothers may find that various breastfeeding positions are more productive and pleasant. In contrast to car seats, there are no hard and fast regulations about when to cease using the breastfeeding pillow. It comes down to personal choice and comfort.

Your need for a nursing pillow will most likely diminish as your infant develops. The nursing cushion is excellent in the early newborn days, when your infant is little, for raising your baby high enough to reach your breast, reducing the pressure on your supporting arm.

buy baby support pillow Malaysia

You may find the cushion unneeded when your baby develops and learns the capacity to keep their head up independently and regulate their movement.

Keep in mind that even if your child no longer requires it, some infants may enjoy breastfeeding in this manner simply because they are used to it.

Nursing pillows are not “one size fits all,” despite the fact that there are no set sizes. Although one brand may be effective for your BFF’s physique, it may not be effective for yours. Therefore, it is important for you to buy baby support pillow Malaysia and try to experiment with them till you find one that is perfect for you. 

We’ve compiled a list of factors that may influence the fit of the pillow and how long you may need its extra support:

If you’re a tall mom, a bigger cushion will help you hoist the infant higher and closer to your breast. Because of your height, you may need more assistance than a shorter lady who can lay her infant on her lap. This need will also diminish as your baby develops and is able to sit up more.

If you’re a petite mom, experiment with various height pillows. Thicker cushions may elevate your infant too high, particularly as they grow.

Pillows with belts and fewer apertures may be less comfortable if your midsection is thicker. They may also be more difficult for you to put on, particularly in the early infant months when you are seldom hands-free.

buy baby support pillow Malaysia

Some of these scenarios will alter as your postpartum body changes and your kid develops.

Because your baby and body are continuously changing throughout this time, it’s a good idea to check the fit of your pillow on a regular basis.

Don’t simply go into nursing on autopilot. Examine your posture, how your body feels, and your baby’s latch to verify your breastfeeding pillow is giving enough support. You don’t want your pillow to encourage improper breastfeeding form. 

If the cushion is not suitable for your body or baby, it may lead you to arrange your body uncomfortably. This might result in latching problems (and sore, cracked nipples when breastfeeding, which nobody wants).

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